View Full Version : What else to replace with my TB / waterpump

08-14-2013, 11:27 PM
I am about to get my timing belt and waterpump done by a local mechanic friend for about $150 plus the kit for the parts. Is there anything else I should change? I have finally caught up with maintenance on my car and really want to keep it going strong. The only problems I notice with my car lately is just that it doesn't always feel smooth, letting off the throttle occasionally feels like the engine is moving, i know its just the mounts though.. maybe the snub mount? and on the highway after letting off the throttle you'll see the shifter move around.. this is my only manual car I've ever had (150k on factory clutch ftw) so no idea if thats normal.

Just replaced the battery, coolant flange, CTS, new icm, alignment with new tie rod inners and outers.

99.5 quattro aeb btw