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08-13-2013, 05:47 PM
I plan on purchasing an A4 within the next week. It's supercharged and intercooled with a PES G1 supercharger on it with a 5 speed manual. Mods include Bilstein shocks, h&r lowering springs, thicker sway bars, a Neuspeed ecu chip, and a Forge exhaust. The only problem is that the transmission lost 2nd and the clutch is slipping. What I plan to do is replace the transmission and clutch, but I have a fairly limited knowledge of car mechanics so I was wondering if this would be hard to do? I've found various MTs for around $350, and clutch kits for $200-300. I also plan on getting the flywheel resurfaced, and I would love to know approximately how much that would cost. If so, would it be expensive to have a mechanic install my parts? What would the price approximately be? The car is getting purchased for around $2200. Is this a bad deal? One last question, could this project be over my head? I have a pretty dedicated friend, so manpower isn't the issue. What we lack is the know-how, but we are very ready to learn. I have space to work on, and SOME tools. The car comes with a Haynes manual, but I don't exactly know how much information that lends. I'm selling my car to purchase this car, so I will be temporarily car-less till the transmission is fixed.

TL;DR Should I purchase this car that needs repairs for what seems like a good deal?
How expensive is a clutch job?
How expensive is a transmisson install?
How hard are the above parts to install ourselves?

08-14-2013, 08:03 AM
Can someone lend some insight on this? I need to know soon because I should be getting the car within a few days. Thanks.

08-14-2013, 08:38 AM
Good deal on the car at $2200. Those Trans's are super-cheap if theyre $350, the last one we bought for a customer car was clost to $700.

I would buy it for that, the G2 kit was originally $3000 ish.

If you pay someone to do the job its going to be very spendy, its a 9hour job at book time.

If youre doing the clutch, youll have the trans out and it only adds 0.5hrs to the job time.

Search around and find a DIY on it, theres a pretty good one floating around.

Ive done transmissions on the Allroad on my back with the car on jackstands, just make sure you have plenty of room and halfway decent and correct tools.

Read and follow instructions and youll be fine. Good luck.

Also, clutch+fw (http://www.ebay.com/itm/151062724640)

08-14-2013, 09:22 AM
Removing the trans isn't too terrible on a 2.8. There are so tricky bolts. But, they are removable.

The G1 SC is 1000000x better than the G2.

Here's the issues I have

General engine health. Miles? Oil changes (With reciepts!) or you can ask for a picture of beneath the valve cover. To me, this is a huuuge insight into the engine. Is it all brown and sludgy? Hows the underside of the VC look? Mine is pretty well maintained but the valve-train is a little brown, but sludge-less. VC undeerside is nice and clean, too.

The PO blew the trans most likely with the G1 SC. Trans failures happen, though I'd need to know the mileage. A car with 110k on the clock shouldn't really have a blown trans. Same thing with the clutch.

HP? I ask this because you shouldn't really being going total OEM with the SC. You want some type of upgraded clutch, imo. Same thing with the FW. I wouldn't get it resurfaced but rather look into getting rid of the DMFW and look into a single-mass LWFW. 12-16lbs.

$2200 is a great deal, honestly. You could part it out for more. Though, it'd take a bit. But, the G1 is anice. Dat SC whine is orgasms

Other than that, just general "Is the car in good shape?" Axles, oil leaks, as the 2.8 is known to pour oil out everywhere. Look at my recent post here. The big one.

CV Boots, the rear diff seal is known to weep, but never really leak

Read around ion common issues for these cars and cross-reference with said vehicle. Have you owned a B5 before? Or an Audi?
I don't really want another victim of these cars to come in with a car with a shit ton of problems. No one here minds helping, really, but we don't want you investing (Though there is a lot of room for $2200) in a car that is going to spend more time on ackstands rather than on the road.

Feel free to ask any more questions. Rather be safe than sorry, man.

Edit: Look into the tune that car has. It's hard to tune the 2.8 with the SC properly, and any off the shelf tunes don't reall y exist except PES's which is uttter shit.

08-14-2013, 11:24 AM
Supercharger isn't staying on the car, it's going onto my friends A6. We're going in halfsies on the car. Btw, I have never owned an Audi before and like I said, have slight knowledge when it comes to mechanics with cars. Essentially, I'm getting an a4 with a blown transmission, some mods, and shitty paint for $1100.

08-14-2013, 01:31 PM
Ah. Well, read up, bud. They're good cars.

A good comparison is a wife. Treat her shitty, and she'll leave you. These aren't hondas. They can take some abuse, especially the 2.8. The 2.8 is quite overbuilt for it's stock form. But, break something and it isn't cheap, and except to smash your hands.

Ask the PO what has been replaced, if there was virtually nothing, I'd still go for it, but realize what you're getting into. I understand you have almost zero experience.
Cars are daunting to look at when they're exposed. Hood open, parts off, up on a jack and a wheel off, cables and plugs everywhere, but really, it isn't hard. This was essentially my first car I started working hard into. First was an Eagle Talon that was so mint I never had to work on it. You know what I did when I bought this car? First thing was replace the whole engine. Was it scary? Yeah, but I had no choice. I needed a car. Don't listen to people that say they're super hard to work on. They aren't.
Yeah, some tight spaces, and compared to your early civic, it's like elementary vs high school.

Anyways, that's my .02 on these cars. In their time, they were the luxury sedans of the car world. But, they're approx. 15 years old now. There's tons of DIYs and people willing to help, don't worry, honestly.

These are also interference engines. As in, if the timing belt snaps...You're going to bend a shit load of valves. So, do the maintenance that is required. Every 80k miles or so and they're due. There are some special tools you're also going to need. For my 2.8, the only things I have bought are a good set of Torx sockets (You need them) the cam lock bar and the crankshaft lock pin, and the security torx bit to change your manual transmission fluid. We all started somewhere. Ask questions, but don't come in asking how a ratchet works. Sorry, but we'll flame you for buying a B5 without knowing how to turn a wrench.

But, I'll ask again...Receipts? Mileage? Etc.

08-14-2013, 04:00 PM
Don't worry, I know how a wrench works. ;) I've done slight stuff on vehicles before. I've replaced struts, water pumps, and other small things like that, but on American cars. This is my first time messing with a euro car. This forum looks like it could be a wonderful place to ask questions if needed.

I haven't asked about receipts yet for oil and what not, but he hasn't owned it long himself. He bought it as a donor car not to long ago and when the trans blew I guess he decided to get rid of it, but I'll ask if there's any from the previous owner. Mileage is 165,XXX... Um, I can probably go to him directly and inspect the valve covers myself as he only lives 45-60 minutes away. The engine was slightly sludgy looking when I first went to look at it because it looked like some oil could have been leaking out of the oil cap. When he started the car it sounded very healthy and regular. No irregular idling or anything of that nature. I was pretty much comparing the noise I heard to what I hear when my friends A6 2.8 is idling.

08-15-2013, 05:53 AM
if its not problem can i ask a question about 2.8 transmission.. I dont like my transmission because its too short..
Im thinking to change my 5th gear with 2.5tdi quattro transmissions 5th gear.. As i look to part numbers, all numbers same just letter at the end is different..

Does anybody know about that ?