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08-03-2013, 04:28 PM
Hi All,

I have had a B5 S4 Avant for years and loved that car. Alas - she now has 160k miles and I felt the need to move on, so I "upgraded" to a 2006 B7 S4 Avant (tip) - and despite initially liking the ride, I feel like this car is pretty sluggish compared to my older wagon. I'm hooked on the sportwagon concept, so switching cars again is not an option. Thus, let the tuning project begin!

I have looked through the huge number of threads on this topic, but have had a hard time evaluating the relative value of different upgrades - so I wanted to get users' opinions on the following basic question:

With a roughly $5k budget, what to do to get the most zip starting with a stock B7 S4?

From my research so far, on the "probable" list is:
- JHM ECU Tune
- Modified Downpipes
- High-flow cat-back exhaust (X-type?)

Others under consideration:
- JHM Longtube headers
- Intake spacers
- Improved motor mount
- Lightweight crank pulley

What am I missing? Which are most important? Which are useless? Specific parts better than others (e.g., Fast Intentions catback vs. Magnaflow?)

One big question in my mind is the performance of the Longtube headers vs simple Piggie downpipes. Those JHM headers are works of art - but beauty doesn't make my car move faster, and it seems to me that it's ~$500 vs ~$4000 when you consider installation (I don't have the tools to DIY). That would make everything else basically impossible to fit into the budget. Do the longtube headers really up the HP and torque that much compared to piggies?

Not currently considering suspension or brake mods.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! I will make sure to update the forum post-mods on the results.

11-25-2013, 08:37 PM
With about 5k, I would do everything on your 'probable' list. With the remaining budget i would vote LWCP and intake spacer. From then on, as your brakes need to be done, get some lightweight rotors. They aren't very expensive, but get rid of quite a bit of rotational mass.

I don't know FL emissions standards, but if you're able, get catless downpipes instead of modifying your current downpipes, do that. I would then say motor/snub mounts as the existing ones wear out.

You'll see your most significant gains with high flowing exhaust and a tune though. So start there.

03-06-2014, 07:37 PM
No emissions testing in FL

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04-07-2014, 06:01 PM
What would you all say would be the one highest value tuning upgrade to add a little more quickness/ torque feeling? i.e. the upgrade that will give you the most zip for your buck. I too have noticed on my 05 B6 s4 that the throttle response sometimes feels a bit slow. Other times it feels very touchy and like it's ready for a drag race! [race]