View Full Version : Engine Misfire Codes Pulled

08-03-2013, 11:26 AM
Alrite after driving about an hour and a half and what not i came to a stop at a redlight and the car was idling around 800 but car was shaking like shit then the CEL starts flashing and the hard shake of the entire car goes away then i take off as normal and no CEL flashing until i come to a stop.
So i decided to take it to oreilys where i met motown08 lol first b5er encounter in the area, and i scanned it 4 codes came up cyl 2 misfire, bank 1 sensor 1unactive, bank 2 sensor 2 unactive, and a p1198 code... the 02 sensor 2 i completly disconnected it cause it got mangled up with the test pipe install and im getting an ecu tune soon anyways and the front one i guess i killed cause i bought the wrong spacers that wouldnt clear the turbo oil lines so i just threw the 02 in anyways and ye once i cleared the codes this dam thing was idling like a dream no shaking of the car or nothing... so idk what it could be i was thinking coil packs cause i have not changed them since i got the car almost a year but i did change the plugs for bkr7e while back so any help will be great!!!

08-03-2013, 03:03 PM
Well, drove the car all the way down to E and filled up with diff brand of gas VPOWER from shell and that helped out sooo much i always go to the marathon stp approved by my house but damn idk willl keep it updated...