View Full Version : New ABS Sensor / ABS kicking in under 20mpg / Sporadic VAG reading

07-30-2013, 04:40 PM
VAG started reporting a failed ABS sensor. I removed the old one after a fight and broke the hex screw bracket in the process. I replaced the ABS sensor along with the copper sheath. I cleared my ABS fault and did a drive around.

- ABS light returns when running a VAG reading but VAG reports no faults
- ABS kicks in immediately - my tests were under 20mph
- On Vag ABS Group 01 my 3 ABS sensors return steady values but the new sensor hops around

Does this mean a bad sensor? Is my distance wrong as a result of not having the hex ring? Is my ABS Module bad? Not sure where to go from here.

07-31-2013, 08:22 AM
A broken ABS ring will trigger a pulse. Mine broke on the rear axle and it did just that, I replaced the sensor for nothing...
Remove your axle from the hub to inspect. (Be sure to replace the axle stretch bolt afterward)

07-31-2013, 08:28 AM
Ok - thanks for the advice.

Having never done that kind of maintenance - Do I need to pull the bearing to get at it? Does my car need to be re-aligned after?

07-31-2013, 11:46 AM
No need for a realignment if you don't touch those key components.

You only need to remove the axle bolt and slide out the Axle shaft (but you most likely need to remove that pinch bolt to get enough clearance).
If the ring is broken, you have to replace the shaft or unplug the ABS connector on that wheel (ABS light but no more pulsing)

Search scrapyard, you can get a used OEM in great shape for less than 50$.

07-31-2013, 07:47 PM
If it's a front, I've replaced mine with "cheap" Empi axles (chinese new) and they've been great for 50k miles including many offroad adventures. About $70 from Advance Auto parts and possibly Autozone as well.