View Full Version : Soft Engine Code 06201

07-28-2013, 10:51 AM
I am a new 98 Adudi Quattro A4 2.8 5 spd manual. Got my VAGCOM and ran codes. Everything is almost cleared except for the ABS codes (waiting on sensors to arrive) and a soft engine code "06201" which is giving me a 18020 "P1612-35-00" code error. I read in another post that soft code for US car should be 16201 (16=US market, 2=Quattro with ABS, 0=5spd manual, and 1=installed in A4).

The car is running fine but would like to get all codes cleared but hesitant to alter the code. My question is if I write the current soft code down as it is (06201) but change it to the 16201 and there are problems. Can I just reset it back to the 06201 and the world will be right or will I be totally up the creek without a paddle? In thing else I should do feel free to pass it on.

Thanks in advance,