View Full Version : EMC "Incorrectly Code"

07-27-2013, 06:41 AM
Hey all, a audi newbie here. Have bought a 1998 audi quattro A4 2.8 5 spd manual. A very clean car. The car has the ABS light on, airbag light on, and flashing brake light. Recieved my Ross-tech vag-com and ran codes. Not concerned with ABS errors which know that is the sensor at the wheel. It is the vag error code 18020 (p1612-35-00) ECM Incorrectly Coded. My question in regards to this error is where and who do you get the correct ECM code from and how do you determine the correct code to download?

Know the airbag light is on that seems to be the common error with the seat connector which I did disconnect the battery to work it which at the tme I did not have the vagcom to clear codes. Would disconnecting the battery throw the p1612 code (Incorrectly coded)? Reason I ask this, I also did see 18010 (1602-35-10) voltage to low intermittent "Power Supply Terminal 30. From what I have learned Terminal 30 is the power to the ignigtion switch which would be correct when I diconnect the battery.

I am hesitant to clear the p1612 code so looking for advice on how to proceed.

Thank you in advance,