View Full Version : huge coolant leak and windshield wipers fail...related?

07-24-2013, 12:30 PM
Hey ya'll,

Had two problems pop-up in the past couple days, wondering if they're related. Disclaimer: I haven't really had a chance to examine closely, won't take things apart until the weekend...just curious for any initial thoughts, and I'll provide updates.

1) Massive coolant leak, got the dashboard warning, found the expansion tank was damn near empty (several inches below the "Min" line). Yikes. I hadn't checked the levels recently, but had within the last couple months. Always had a minor issue with the tank leaking right around the "Max" line where the plastic seams are, but nothing major.

2) Windshield wipers are going slooooow all of the sudden, with no real power. They were fine within the past week. Seems like they'll die completely pretty soon.

This all happened after the past weekend, when it was HOT as shit. I was down in Cape Cod (hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic, with the AC cranking). So I'm wondering...

1) these sudden problems related to the heat? Is it possible some hose melted or warped? Would putting that much strain on the coolant cause it to boil off?

2) could the massive coolant leak have caused the windshield wipers to start failing? I think the windshield motor is back in that general area, right? I've never serviced it before, so trying to read-up on it.

For now, I've topped up the coolant with a mix of orange Prestone DEX and distilled water last night (the Prestone was all I had handy, and looks like the previous owner used the "orange" stuff too). Once I get home from work, I'll see how much leaked out. I'm planning to do a full flush this weekend (never done one, but looks easy enough), and I'm going to do it with the pink G12+. I think I'm going to just replace the expansion tank while I'm at it. Maybe try to rent a pressure tester from Autozone.

Will also try to find and lubricate the wiper system, on the chance that coolant is gunking up the works. Grease, or powder lubricant you think?

Just curious if anyone else has experience with these two items getting screwed up in high temps.