View Full Version : Issues with low oil pressure in 2009 A5 3.2

07-23-2013, 06:33 PM
I know there were issues with the earlier 2000s that had the sludge recall but I have been having low oil pressure issues with my 2009 a5 3.2.

I went to the dealership and they checked all the sensors and all external things they can check and said they have never seen this issue and would have to start taking things apart to see what the issue could be. They quoted me $1200 to start doing this.

Oil pressure at idle is at 0.9 and they said it should be at 1.2 so they have to start taking it apart to see where it is losing pressure.

Have any of you had sludge issues in the newer Audi engines? Or have you seen any issues similar to mine?

Thanks in advance for any help.



07-26-2013, 06:43 AM
Never heard of any sludge issues on any of the V6 engines, but the 1.8t is legendary for sludge problems. There are a couple easy things you can check if you have some basic tools:
1. get a good external oil pressure gauge, and hook it up to a port on the cylinder head. See how the pressure looks at various points when cold and when hot. If the pressure is at spec throughout the range both hot and cold, then your internal gauge is off. If the pressure at idle is fine when cold, but slowly drops as it warms up to fall below spec, but will bump up to acceptable levels when you rev it, then you have bearing clearance issues.
2. Drain the oil into a clean container (all of it). In good light carefully look at the oil, if there's any kind of goldish sparkly sheen to it, kinda like metal flake in a paint job, then you may have an internal part that's disintigrating. Get a rare earth magnet, move it through the oil and check for metal particles. This is another way to confirm problems with bearings or pump internals.
3. If all that checks out, you may need to remove the pump and check the internals, since that's the heart of the system.