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07-08-2013, 03:43 PM
I just wanted to share some of my favorite car-related Youtube channels and find out which ones you guys like. Here are my top 3

#1 - Mighty Car Mods - This is by far my favorite Youtube Channel. These guys are out of Australia and have GREAT video's on modifying cars. They are super entertaining and make great videos.

Recommended Video:


#2 - Eric The Car Guy - This guy is a mechanic and gives lots of cool info on what it is like to be a mechanic for a living, plus he has LOTS of repair video's on various cars so you can learn how a mechanic thinks. He is a really down to earth guy and I like him.

Recommended Video:


#3 - Super Speeders - This guy is INSANE so I love his videos. He owns a exotic car rental company in LA. He is friends with Matt Farrah on Drive and has lots of good video's.

He outruns cops...


...and intentionally rams Ferrari's into brick walls for fun...


Some honorable mentions...

Chris Harris on //DRIVE - Chris drifts EVERYTHING and reviews some great cars. Such a cool guy and great driver.

Jay Leno's Garage - Great old car reviews. I like Jay much more on this than on TV

The Fast Lane Car - Local Car Review Guys.

Motor Trend - The most entertaining videos of the major car magazines IMO.

Let me know what you guys think, and please let me know of any good channels I am missing.