View Full Version : I'm an idiot, need help with radio wiring

Mad Cow
06-16-2013, 11:20 AM
After an unsuccessful attempt at swapping in a Symphony II (turns out the head unit I got was broken) I'm going to settle with a regular Symphony I. I've reversed all the wiring modifications I've done except for pin 4 of the 8-pin black connector. This is the switched power wire, named S-Contakt and is supposed to be red according to ELSA. I remember pulling the pin out of the connector and taping it out of the way when doing the install but now I can't find the damn wire. Does this wire run with all the other wires for that connector or does it come from somewhere else? I've searched through all the harnesses behind the centre console and I just can't find where it is. Can someone help me out or take a picture of that connector?