View Full Version : n75 vacume routing . *yes i have searched*

06-15-2013, 07:41 PM
So i replaced my faulty turbo today, and decided to get rid of my 2 stage boost controller and run the n75 valve. when i bought the car a few months ago, i found the n75 pluged into the wiring harness, but nothing hooked to it.
i saw a plugged hole in the turbo inlet pipe where it sticks in, but not sure were the other hoses hooked to. and which one were. currently the manual boost controller see boost pressure via turbo hosing nipple, and the other end of it is connected to the wastegate on the turbo. I am unsure if the n75 valve connects the same way or if it needs to be hooked up to the dv valve. any help would be much appreciated so i can continue putting the car back together before my weekend is up!