View Full Version : Boost leak or crappy diverter valve?

06-10-2013, 01:25 PM
So I just installed a new apr 93 octane tune on my car. I love it. But I'm having difficulty boosting past 11psi. Before my tune I never noticed a difference or a drop in boost levels. So could the lackadaisical spike levels be caused by a crappy diverter valve (I have a forge splitter knockoff which I purchased off of eBay.ca about 2 years ago)? I'm thinking that it is because about a year ago it stopped "blowing off" even though I had it on the 50/50 mode. I also ran a few test today with some starter fluid spray and I couldn't find any boost leaks whatsoever. So if you guys think that the dv is the problem, or if you believe you have a solution, then please feel free to chime in.