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06-06-2013, 09:41 AM
Hey guys. It's been a while since i've done any wrenching on my 02 A4 1.8TQM and i've identified a few issues and other annoyances that i want to tackle. My recent thought has been instead of taking it to the dealer and paying to have it done it would be in my best interest to start investing in some tools and learning how to do the work myself. I figure the money i'll be saving on dealer labor can be used towards the tools i'll need to complete that specific job. With that said, i'll outline the things i plan to do and the tools needed and if you guys can suggest where to get the tools (autozone, home depot, sears, etc.) that would be awesome. Since i don't making my living fixing things (i'm in software sales) i don't really need top of the line tools but also want some that are good quality and have a lifetime warranty if at all possible. So here's the list:

1. Coolant Temp Sensor Replacement
- notice that my fans turn on immediately when i turn on the car and i'm pretty sure when i've scanned it in the past i've gotten the code for this part. I figure it was a cheap part and probably needs replaced regardless. Seems like i only need a flathead screwdriver, tiny hands, and patience to get this done. Anything else?

2. Crankshaft Position Sensor
- sporadic times where the car just cranks and cranks and cranks but won't start. Just replaced fuel filter and spark plugs and don't have the usual symptoms of a fuel pump needing replaced. Talked to a few other guys and the symptoms i have seem to align with the Crankshaft Position Sensor. I already bought the OEM part now just need to install it. The DIY calls for a 5mm socket, extension, and swivel head ratchet since the spot is so tight. I've read that some people go after it from the bottom and some just from the top after removing the coolant reservoir. Any suggestions on that? Looks pretty straight forward but i also know it's an Audi and nothing is ever straight forward.

3. Re-routing iPod cable from glovebox through center console
- I know a lot of people have the iPod hookups in their cars because the sh*t they play on the radio today is absolute garbage (don't get me started). My cable is currently running behind the radio and into the glovebox but i want to reroute it as i hate having to reach over to the glovebox to plug/unplug it as well as to change playlists etc while driving but also so i don't wear out the hinge on the glovebox because that sh*t is expensive to replace. My plan is to run it from behind the radio, where it is already all setup, down behind the climate control unit, under the ashtray, shift knob, ebrake assembly and have it come up in the empty area under the armrest for convenient use. This job calls for radio keys and an 8mm socket but for the most part seems very straight forward (surprise!).

4. Adjusting E-Brake Cable - no clue how to do this or what tools are involved. It holds okay but sometimes on hills doesn't have enough grip to keep the fat bitch from rolling. I put it in gear in situations like that but it's also nice to have the peace of mind that the ebrake cable is gonna hold regardless.

If possible i'd like to scan before to see what codes i'm currently pulling. I have a APR Stage 2 tune but have always had a check engine light and want to get rid of the f**ker for good so i know when something is actually wrong. I have a MacBook with VMWare setup on it and wanted to see if anyone has a genuine RossTech cable that i could borrow to see how it runs on my machine before purchasing the real one or buying one off eBay with the software.

So all in all for the rest of the stuff i need some sockets and ratchets and a set of radio keys (which if anyone has some i can borrow that would be great). I'm looking to build out the collection a little bit at a time and wanted to see what you guys suggest. I plan to do this one day next week so if anyone wants to come help, which would be awesome to get some guidance from people who have already done it, let me know. The parking lot at my building has a slight slope but i can either find a flat street spot to park it or drive to someone's house (if you're willing to help guide me) and let it cool off before working, either overnight or whatever.

Also, i currently have a magnaflow exhaust that was installed about three years ago. It's attached right after the flex in the downpipe. I'm pretty over how loud it is so am looking to see if anyone has a stock exhaust that will fit an '02 1.8TQM. If anyone wants to swap their stock exhaust for mine plus some cash (paid $600) let me know. It has stainless steel tips that look good but just need cleaned up.

Looking forward to getting this done!!!!

06-06-2013, 09:50 AM