View Full Version : Selling Our B5 for parts or a project.

04-27-2013, 04:34 PM
I would have to complete a sale of the car before Wednesday...otherwise it will go to a salvage yard. Figured I'd post a heads up that this was available, as I'd much rather this went to someone who could use it for something rather than salvage yard. I would have parted it myself if I had the time or space. I'll snap some pics and add as soon as possible.

Ad in the classifieds
Car is not running. The transmission failed a few days ago. Either needs a tranny or could be used for parts.

Body panels are good except for a dent on the passenger front fender (small) and some minor front bumper damage. We were just about to get the car prepped for paint before the trans failed the other day. The paint is in poor condition...some clear peeling and some cracking on on quarter panel.

The car is a pretty loaded quattro with AT, sport, homelink, bose, etc. Most of the interior is in GREAT shape, especially the seats. Speaker grills on the front door panels are damaged. The engine is stock and was running very strong. Car has 155k - timing belt/water pump were just replaced at 149k. Falken Ziex 512s were all replaced at 148k and have been rotated once since then. Lots of life left on them. They're on the stock 15s.

The car is not running. It will need to be towed out of here. Obviously this will probably only work for SoCal locals. Tags expire this month and it's been placed on PNO.

The car needs to go by Wednesday. Any reasonable offer that beats a salvage yard will be gladly accepted. Would MUCH rather the car go to an enthusiast who will either rebuild or use for parts.