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Busted 30V
03-25-2013, 06:51 PM
I picked up a new commuter car 2000 A4 Quattro 2.8 5spd for 1000.00. It has 155K and was making an engine noise, more than a tick but less than a knock. When I bought it I asked the guy what the noise was and he said "thats how Audi's sound" at least thats what the guy who sold it to him said. He had driven it for a year that way so I was pretty confident it was in the top end. In fact it really sounded like chain slap so I was 90% sure it was a cam tensioner and worst case a stuck valve. I drove the care for a couple days and you cant even hear it from the inside and when it was cold it was silent with the hood up, once warm it was noticeable with the hood up.

I pulled the valve cover this weekend and both were good, by chance I had run an engine flush and pulled the lower pan to clean out any sludge and found the oil pump chain tensioner and some other part along with a bunch of gound up metal. I have since continued tearing it down to remove the timing to get at the mangled upper chain sprocket and found the front main bearing gone. With the oil pump out I could check the first main and rod cap the rod bearing is shot but the crank really doesnt look that bad. Both the main and rod journal are shine no scratches that you can feel but it doesnt have the ground look that it should have.

I have decided that the next step is to pull the motor mechanically I am just about there but the back of the motor has so many hoses and connections that are difficult to trace are there any tricks out there? Bearings, gaskets, Hardware is pretty pricey for these motors and since I havent been able to identify one of the parts that showed up in the oil pan Im not sure that it is worth it. Anybody have any good reference points for used motors or short blocks. I'm still trying to figure out the order of events at first I thought that the pump tensioner reduced oil presure and took out the front main, but now I almost think something took out the tensioner. The real kicker is while taking off lower pan I found a wire grounded to one of the screws, didnt thin much of it but later realized it was the wire for the oil pressure sender.

Sorry for a long post, thanks for all the help I have been receiving as a non- member. One last question should the chain tensioner be changed as part of timing belt service?

http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a601/Busted30V/00%20A4%20Quattro/WP_000708_zps5f3435e9.jpg (mystery part)
http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a601/Busted30V/00%20A4%20Quattro/WP_000693_zps98cbd7ef.jpg (Oil Pan contents)

03-27-2013, 08:53 AM
wow.... IDK what to tell you it seems another engine may be a good idea at this point. You just dont know how long the engine has been running like this and the potential for other engine pieces to be damaged is greater at this point. IT could be a domino effect is what im saying. Im all for fixing things and i wouldnt be afraid of a challenge like this so dont get me wrong. I would be doing the work myself IDK if you are but considering these engines dont seem to be very expensive, the cost of repairs could go up quickly landing you in new engine cost territory.

Busted 30V
03-27-2013, 04:28 PM
I kept going as far as I could without pulling the motor and started weighing the options. I found a short block (aka another member bent some valves) near me for a good price. I am going to swap parts around to make one "good" motor. The reality is this is a commuter car for me, it needs to last a couple years maybe 20K miles. I will figure out what that mystery part is though once I have some time to get this block and rotating assembly on the engine stand.

I will say I have pulled my share of engines in the past and access on this one is a nightmare, I thought putting it into the service position was going to be bad it really wasn't and you can do everything you need on the front. The back though that is another story all together.

Busted 30V
04-29-2013, 03:03 PM
Well it has taken a month between work and travel but I have swapped everything over to the "good" shortblock and put it in the car. Fired it up on saturday and have driven about 50 miles. Its throwing three engine codes according to my cheapo scanner, P0160, P1122, and P1140 sounds like I pinched a wire for the rear O2 sensor. Back on the ramps it goes. I think I also destroyed the trans mounts because it is very clunky between shifts. Once I get the CEL to go off, I just have front control arms and F/R pads and rotors then I should pass inspection. So much for an inexpensive commuter car.

05-09-2013, 09:06 PM
who told you audis were a good commuter?
if you want something cheap with less trouble and cheap parts, get honda or toyota, or almost anything japanese.

on another note, thats crazy what you found :/