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03-25-2013, 12:17 PM
Hi my name is Alexandre Michaud and i'm 21
Every year I come to Miami , but this time is a very special one !

2.am Feb 28 , we're leaving Quebec to go to Miami… a long 30hrs of driving . Leave the snow behind us for the beautiful beaches of Miami !
We drove 30 hrs straight ! The only stops are for Gas, eating and change drivers !
When we Finally arrived in Miami we enjoyed the beautiful beaches and rode our skateboard on Ocean Drive ! after that we took possession of the condo we rented to finally get some sleep!
I made contact with Diego and I went in few Meets with him and the team and its nothing like the Meets in Quebec !!
Finally the big day, I went to the Vossen HQ to meet the team, they were very generous and we're given lots of gifts! After we went to a parking lot to do the Shooting of the car! It was truly an amazing experience!
We went to a Drift Event at SunLife Stadium, alot of skateboarding, beaches, there is nothing like Miami

After all this fun and new experiences we had to drive all the way back to Quebec …

Thanks Alot to all The Vossen crew !

Ya'll can follow me on Instagram @Michaud5Star and @Luxury_Club


(sorry if my English is not good, its my second language)

CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE ON THE VOSSEN BLOG (http://blog.vossenwheels.com/?p=3368)

WWW.VOSSENWHEELS.COM (http://www.vossenwheels.com)


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That's a long drive hehe... but nice that Vossen took good care of you :)

01-04-2014, 07:44 PM
What size TIRES are you running on the 22"by 10.5" ?