View Full Version : Some opinions on some intermittent codes I'm getting

02-27-2013, 07:40 AM
I am getting the following codes intermittently.

16684 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
16685 Cylinder 1 Misfire

Just as a test, I swapped the coil from 1 to 2 and it throws the same code, the cylinder misfire did not swap cylinders.

The fact that I am getting random/multiple means that it's more than one cylinder, correct?

The car drives very well, and the only time the code pops up is when it is cold out and a cold start. It hasn't been on for a week and then on Monday when I started it, it was hiccuping, then it threw the flashing light. After about 2 minutes it smoothed out and if I were to clear the code it wouldn't come back. After a few shut down and starts, it will usually go away.

I do want to fix this but I'm not sure exactly where to start. My first thought was that it was early onset of a failing coil/coils, but I'm not sure which one it could be.

My other thought was perhaps the ICM but I have no idea. I tested it and it tested fine (the AA battery method that Walky showed me).

I wonder if this could be fuel related? I have a fuel filter at home that I never put on, I think I will put that on when I get home.

Those who have had this code, what did you do?