View Full Version : REMINDER - Dubs Along the Rockies is this Sunday!

06-20-2005, 10:52 AM
Just another friendly reminder....

Cool cars, hot women, gorgeous scenery and fresh clean mountain air... what more could you ask for in a car show? Oh you want to race too? No problem... see you at the autocross, oh you are a sucky driver? No problem... see you at the slow drags...

Oh wait, what's that? Your car is slow??? No problem, we will have on site chipping by Revo, GIAC and APR... Oh, you are flat broke? Well we will have a mountain of giveaways so maybe you can win that chip!

I am now going down to World Arena to check out the Pikes Peak Hill Climb cars as they go thru tech inspection... [race] [wrench] [race]