View Full Version : 01 A4 2.8 Coilpack Help needed, can convert to MSD coils??

02-24-2013, 07:45 PM
Searched high and low but to no avail. Plenty of diagrams and pinouts for AEB's and AWM's and ATW's but nothing for the ATQ engine regarding the pinouts for the connector on a V6 a4's coilpack. I have the brick-of-a-pack off and I managed to get the plastic piece off the bottom to expose the wiring. This thing has GOT to be the original CP it rolled off the floor with... it's haggard looking something fierce. I see some leads running into a recess filled with some kind of silicone/rubber stuff and leads running out to the coils. I'm thinking of adapting MSD 8224 coils like people do with VR's but I need to know what i'm looking at and any helpful tips before I go hooking up XX,000kV coils up and risk frying anything. I've heard talk of using resistors for something to do with them (what for?), and what exactly is under that mystery stuff in the bracket that the coils bolt onto? Is it feasable to convert to MSD 8224 coils?