View Full Version : ETKA Part No. for Audi Q5 (bumper) tail light (fog) cover??

02-23-2013, 02:13 PM
Can somebody please help me to find out the ETKA part number? Thank YOU in advance =)

I need it because I just got a little bump and my left (pasenger's side) rear bumper light was broken.
All lights (bulbs) seem to be work, so I need to replace the long red plastic strip only.

BTW I'm thinking of taking the chance [:D] and replace the whole bumper for the S-Line version; is someone selling a rear S-Line bumper??

Again, thank you all in advance

02-23-2013, 02:20 PM

Do it.

The markers fit both bumpers so go for it.

02-23-2013, 02:26 PM
That was quick, cool ThunderDent!!

And now, since I've got the excuse, let's find an S-Line rear bumper :)

02-23-2013, 02:47 PM
Here is everything I have for the rear bumper. The lower valence/spoiler and grille for the dual sided-single port exhaust, so those may be different for you.
The PDC sensors are shaped differently and you'll need to upgrade them to get them to fit. (the fronts don't change if you do that bumper)
The fender inner liners are different as well, but may just be the material for the rears. The S-line liner is cloth board, and the non s-line is hard black plastic.

Hope this helps.

Rear Bumper:
*S-line REAR bumper cover [primed]: 8R0 807 303 A GRU
Bumper cover W/S-LINE PKG

*S-line REAR lower valence w/ dual single-port exhaust openings [platinum gray]: 8R0 807 434 J 1RR
Spoiler W/S-LINE PKG

*S-Line REAR lower grille [black plastic]: 8R0 807 823 E
Grille W/S-LINE PKG, w/reverse sensor

*S-Line REAR guide, Right: 8R0 807 454C
Guide W/S-LINE PKG Right

*S-Line REAR guide, Left: 8R0 807 453C
Guide W/S-LINE PKG Left

*S-line REAR Parking Sensor [primed] (x4): 4H0 919 275A GRU
Reverse sensor W/S-LINE PKG

*S-line REAR parking sensor gasket, BLACK (x4): 1T0 919 133C 9B9
Reverse/Park sensor seal W/S LINE PACKAGE, black

*All associated hardware/screws, etc. for REAR bumper:
Rear Bumper Bolts; BOLT Steel (x8): N907 750 01
Spoiler screw W/S-LINE PKG

Speed Nut [rear] (x2): N101 941 01
Bumper cover U-nut W/S LINE PACKAGE


*S-line REAR FENDER, liner, RIGHT: 8R0 810 172C
Wheelhouse liner w/S-line pkg Right

*S-line REAR FENDER, liner, LEFT: 8R0 810 171C
Wheelhouse liner w/S-line pkg Left