View Full Version : Error code, need help please!

02-14-2013, 02:06 PM
2001 Audi a4 fwd 1.8t with a awm engine/atw head.
Car broke down randomly, was running fine.
Towed to my shop.
Read code via obdII
Error: P1531 35-00 - Open Circuit.
Changed power relay unit next to ECU, # 30.
Checked DC to wire harness that plugs into actuator.
Only 4 volts on one prong and 6 on the other.
So i figure there is actually a short of some sorts or a bad part.

Does anyone know exactly where the power starts for this unit and runs to the actuator? Anyone elese have this issue?

Checked timing, its on fine. Will start sometimes and idle just fine, after i try to drive it dies.

02-15-2013, 06:20 AM
Im not sure if its related to your breaking down but, the ATW head lacks the VVT tensioner that the ecu is expecting and what I could gather from your partial code is that the ecu is complaining about that.

I havent heard of this causing a no-start condition but my advice to you is to get the later tensioner from an awm head with VVT or resistor it out so the ecu isnt expecting it and throwing codes.