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12-31-2012, 12:39 AM
So ive been having this awesome volts issue, ended up getting a brand new battery, cleaned ALL of the ground connections on the car as well as the main alternator wire, terminal cables(even neg cable to body)....car was running amazing, almost flawless to say....anyway, tonight I believed my alternator tapped out on me. I was sitting at drive thru, idleing fine, volts @12. Then after I got out on the road the volts fell(and I mean straight instant fall....not a slow steady volt drop....instantly) and the battery light came on, radio shut off, and then the trans bucked like a whore ....then all the dashlights,headlights shut off.....no throttle response either. Then as im coasting @25 in what I assume is "limp mode" then it died.

Coasted into a turn off.....put my battery jump pack on the car...fired up. Running great @12v.....soon as I took off the neg jumper...volts fell once again to nothing. So considering I was about a mile from my house....i put the jump pack on my windshield,fed the cables thru under back of hood...hooked thm up,droppd hood and putted it home just fine with no problems. Knowimg the drive wouldnt have charged shit, took off the neg jumper again....and we was back at nothingness on the V meter.

Jus needing a quick confirmation its my alternator so I can start prepping for my breakdown for the job.

Also, I have a 01 A4 quatt 2.8. Ive seen 90A and 120A. Whats the diff? What would occur from a 90 bein put into a 120 car...and vice versa? Which do I have?

And lastly, I have receipt from where the alternator was put on and was new when done so exactly 2yrs ago next month. Brand new and needs possibly replaced 2yrs later? Car always ran up around 14v when bought by my brother 5yrs ago,now since the old died and new ome done....it always ran at 12-11v? New alt done exactly 2yrs ago and its bad? Could thatve been a 90 into a 120? Thanx guys

01-01-2013, 11:32 PM
Thought id be kool and drive it to get the alt tested at auto zone and jumped it to start it, didnt even make it halfway up the block (literally made it about 100yds from my house) and the battert light n warning went off and the car died right in the middle of the street. So I put my jump pack on, left it on and turned around n parked it. Safe to say, in my opinion that the alternator has offically left the building. Even tho I keep bein told its the battery?

Any ideas on a 90A alternator bein put into a 120A car? Or 120A into a 90A car? As in, what would happen? Would it work or even hook up into each other?

01-03-2013, 12:03 PM
Took battery and got charged up, came back home and threw it in.......went to crank it up, now its bein awesome. By awesome I mean its turning over and not starting now. Im really lost and wonder what the hell is the issue now. It jus turns over and every rotation you can hear one specific putt out the exhaust. Like, every 1st cylinder rotation(or any of the others) but thats it. Same ass sound over n over with the random but simultaneous putt. Please.....someone help!!!!