View Full Version : 2.8 12v no POWER idles fine just doesnt pull at all

12-22-2012, 09:30 PM
Hello. Sorry its alot to read but hear it is. So here is my problem and little background of it. I bought a 97 audi a4 2.8 quattro manual with a hydrolocked engine. Found engine for 550$ bought it and swapped it in. Car wouldnt start. Had alot of trouble finding the problem but then still found it. Crankshaft position sensor(or RPM sensor), the one on the flywheel was not getting power. i bought another ecm but that didnt change anything so i ended up just putting a jumper wire from nearby sensor(camshaft position sensor) and it started. Well it started but would pull only till like 3800 rpm on the first gear and less with each gear.(revving on neutral would cut out at like 5000 rpms) I could go 70 mph at most. I decided to check the timing and do timing belt job as well. timing seemed a little messed up. so i did the timing and now car has no power at all..i can go maybe 20-25 mph at most, and it is really slow to rev up. what could it be?
things i did so far:
1. Checked timing.
2. No check engine light is on
3. Unbolted exhaust(to see if melted cat would be my problem)
4. checked compression (had crappy gauge but read 150psi all along 6 cylinders)
5. Changed fuel filter
6. Checked fuel pressure (60psi at cold idle)
7. swapped fuel enjectors
8. tried unplagging MAF( car has trouble starting after unplugging it and just makes it worse)
9. changed spark plugs
10. swapped different coil pack in
car idles just fine rpms jump a little but not more then 200rpms they stay pretty solid. car doesnt shake or anything just doesnt pull or revs up. Plugs are not fouled either, and even seeems like it runs lean. my guesses big AIR LEAK? [headbang]

IM 17 and this is my first engine swap that i did and it didnt go that well so i need any ideas i can get just to see what it could be. This is suppose to be my daily driver so im stuck until i fix it. Forgive my english as well because its not my first language.

12-31-2012, 08:55 AM
It sounds like you have this covered, but when you did the timing job did you have the special tools to line up the cams? As in, large holes facing each other.

Also, You might check those Hall senders (Camshaft position sensor). I found that one of mine was broken and i barely touched it. Seems that the plastic gives up at about 16 years....

You might also do some more investigation on fuel. Your idle pressure may be OK, but what happens to pressure when you ask the car to do something? maybe the pump is failing or clogged and cannot keep up to demands. And beyond that, you might go pilfer a junk yard for a replacement ECU. It's a polar opposite, but I had a mustang with an ECU that was holding one injector continuously fully open due to a failed ECU.

Good luck with tracking it down!