View Full Version : Oxygen Sensor Questions

12-17-2012, 09:40 PM
Hi All!
I am new to this site and new to owning an Audi. I recently bought a 1998 A4 Quattro 2.8 that needed some TLC. I have began repairing some issues, but have hit a brick wall on one issue. My car is throwing oxygen sensor codes. The kid I bought it from put a Remus exhaust on it and replaced the Oxygen sensors, but when he put the sensors in he got universals and just twisted the wires together and taped them. I got around to looking underneath and the one sensor had rubbed up against the heat shield, causing the one white wire to rub through. I have replaced that sensor and the other one. They are still not reading. I have a scan tool that shows the fuel trim and it is not functioning. Could the bare wire of shorted the computer out? Also, if I used soldier-less connectors, will they still transfer heat and signal? Any ideas of how to fix this issue would be appreciated. It's driving me crazy! Thank you very much!