View Full Version : 2008 S5 hard accelration problem

11-28-2012, 07:40 PM
Ok I have a 2008 V8 S5, I have had some work done. I have long tube headers, custom exhaust, had the clutch upgraded, and the JHM tune. I was driving the car about a month or so after I got it back, and all the sudden, when I would try to accelerate hard, the car would get to 3000-4000 RPMs, and get stuck there. It starts to buck and will not accelerate anymore. I can accelerate all the way through all the gears if I take it slow. I replaced the MAF and the problem still exist.

My question is; could this be a O2 sensor problem or am I looking at the wrong thing? I took the car into Audi and they ran the diagnostics, they said it did not shoot any codes, but they think that the MAF is bad (just replaced), the O2 sensors could be bad.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me

01-08-2013, 10:39 AM
I think my car is starting to experience the same sort of problem. Not sure if it's the clutch.

Did you fix your problem in the end?

02-12-2013, 07:29 PM
Yes the problem was the primary and secondary fuel pumps for me. Also found that the filter had black fuel in it, so I had to replace that as well.