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11-28-2012, 04:43 AM
I recently purchased a 01 b5 a4 avant with a 1.8t engine. Since I purchased it I had nothing but little problems..had to change a few coil packs and spark plugs. It ran 100% for about a week then went back to sounding like a subaru, this happened half way to columbus..I just thought it was the coil pack acting up but I now don't believe it is. On the way to columbus it was randomly misfiring in spurts. Every 30 seconds. On the way back it didnt just missfire it was basically a constant missfire? Sounded like a subaru.. When i got closer to home when i took i believe it was left turns my check oil light would come on. When i got home i put a quart of oil in it and it still didnt help. There's white smoke coming off my downpipe when i start it up. Exhaust sounds like its coming from underneath me and not out the tailpipe as well. When its cold and not started no oil drips out. As soon as i start it the oil drips out from where it looks to be inline with my drivers seat and set back a bit. Boost gauge shows vaccuum and shows its boosting when driving, but only once in awhile i can hear the turbo spool. Very rarely as of lately. Car is very sluggish and is running real rich. Also friday i have an appointment at audi to address the coil packs. Guess there was a recall on them so thats getting taking care of ..just dont want to spend an arm and a leg from audi to get something fixed that may be an easy fix to do myself..

If by chance someone could get back to me with some intel in what this may be it would be greatly appreciated!

11-28-2012, 06:49 AM
Posted a reply in your thread on vwvortex.