View Full Version : 98 1.8tqm engine and tranny into a 99 body

11-15-2012, 04:55 PM
What sort of problems should I expect? I've done a bit of searching and haven't really come up with too much. A buddy of mine is in the process of taking the engine and tranny out of my 98 1.8tqm that was rear-ended some time ago. I've got a 99 1.8tqm shell that will take its place. Is it a straight forward swap or is there a bit of tweaking that will have to be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated as the winter is approaching and I'm car-less at the moment.

11-15-2012, 05:10 PM
It's the same car with a different build date. And I mean exactly the same, assuming it's not a 99.5. Direct swap of any part.

11-16-2012, 05:04 PM
Turns out is is indeed a 99.5. I did some more searching, but didn't find much. My buddy is telling me that the 98 had a hydraulic clutch and the 99.5 doesn't. Any input on that? We're the trannys the same from 98-99.5?

11-16-2012, 06:49 PM
Assuming you only need the long block then if nothing else you can swap this over and use everything else from your motor such as manifolds and valve cover and all that stuff. As far as I know the ATW used in the 2000 model year was the first big change on the motor. You are switching the engine so your clutch will not be a problem and all A4 B5 cars use a hydraulic clutch. The only gotcha that I know of is the automatic 1.8T uses a slightly different crank so you have to do something to make it work properly in a manual.