View Full Version : A4 1.8t -97, Driveline Bushings, Diff carrier Clunk ?

11-04-2012, 02:14 PM

So i have this Clunk as im pretty sure its the Diff Carrier.

Ive been looking on the stern Mount, But First of All do you guys no any mod i can do to the original bushing?

I Think ive seen someone put a thick hard rubber plate tomake that sloop be less?? any tips or diys for it?

And im replacing my Transmission mounts aswell and read that the i think a6 or was it a5 transmission mount is direct fit.

Anyone have to Oem number from it and from what year is it? is it only 98 and so on?

And how stiff is that bushing compared to the original?

Becuase im thinking of getting the 034motorsport transmission mount on the driver side but how would that work with an v6 mount on the passenger side, would it be wronk because the 034 mount is problebly alot stiffer?

And how about the 034motorsport snub mount, do i have to buy the bracket in order for it to fit the original "hole"?

Enough questions for now :)

Thx, new to the Forum