View Full Version : Help with wood trim on 99 B5 A4

11-02-2012, 07:40 PM
So my A4 B5 has wood trim everywhere except the shifter surround (manual 5 speed). The PO had put some CF wrap on it.

I thought, I'll just take it off, clean off off the glue and there's my wood trim. Not.... it was black, almost look spray painted.

So I go on ebay and buy a wood trim surround thinking easy swap. Well, first, the piece I go the wood was much darker than what's in my ride and the shifter leather piece wasn't even close to a match (size wise, yes, but it seemed to be totally different from the underside).

Even if it would have worked, the wood was so different it would have looked worse than just the black.

Where am I going wrong? :) I just want a match to the woodgrain... or did my car not have that originally? I'll get pics if needed. Thanks!

11-02-2012, 08:55 PM
you should just cf wrap the all of your trim and get it matching. or paint it piano black, i've seen some nice pics on here.

if you want to stay wood trim though, can't help you much there. is there anyway to look up what different wood trims/patterns/colors were available back in 99?