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Mike Anthony
10-26-2012, 11:48 PM
Hello everyone,

I apologize if this has already been covered but after searching the forums, I doubt it

I'm grasping at straws and hoping for a reply on this one and it feels like a total shot in the dark but...

I bought a B5 A4 about a month ago and the previous owner had installed some 1 piece aftermarket headlights... the problem is is that the wiring job was a hack show and long story short, the driver's side LEDs and Halos do not work (and had never worked according to previous owner)... I'm guessing that he installed them improperly because I can send power directly to the halos and LEDs to make them work.

I'm hoping that someone else has installed a similar headlight setup and could provide me with a (proper) wiring diagram.

The problem is is that I have no idea what brand they are... I found many different listings on Ebay with exactly the same design and wiring... The problem is that the headlight wiring on my brand newish Audi is a nightmare... I need some clear cut diagrams or installation instructions to start from to try to work this all out.

I'm Hoping someone in Audi Land has done this or a similar install successfully and could shed some light on this dim situation for me
(hehehe, I'm sorry, its late and my puns are terrible). I hope the photo above shows enough for someone to recognize them (come in black and silver)

Thanks in advance

- Michael

10-27-2012, 12:08 AM
I have similar ones. And the same issue. If your regular headlights work and the halos/LEDs are not so relevant, I would remove wiring until all you have is what you need. And if you would like to add in the special lights, do it from scratch. Properly.

10-27-2012, 01:30 AM
Check out if the parklight fuse first. (then if budget permits, switch to atleast a depo e-code)

Non-foglight b5 only has 4 wires. Get a multimeter to figure which is which.

High beam
Low beam
Park light (city light) - This is most likely where you hook up the halos/leds.

white/black = high beam // connects to red wire on the harness
white/green=fog/city // connects to orange wire on the harness
brown=ground // connects to brown wire on the harness
yellow/black=low beam // connects to yellow wire on the harness

yellow/white=high beam // connects to red wire on the harness
white/green=fog/city // connects to orange wire on the harness
brown=ground // connects to brown wire on the harness
tan/white=low beam // connects to yellow wire on the harness

Prefacelift Left Headlight (5 pin Connector):
2 - Brown - Ground
3 - White/Green - Fog Light
4 - White/Black - High Beam
5 - Yellow/Black - Low Beam

Prefacelift Right Headlight (5 pin Connector):
2 - Brown - Ground
3 - White/Green - Fog Light
4 - White/Yellow - High Beam
5 - Yellow/White - Low Beam

Facelift Connector Diagram:

Facelift Left Headlight (8 pin Connector):
1 - White/Black - High Beam
2 - Yellow/Black - Low Beam
4 - Brown -Ground

Facelift Right Headlight (8 pin Connector):
1 - White/Yellow - High Beam
2 - Yellow/White - Low Beam
4 - Brown -Ground

A1 A2 German
10-27-2012, 12:52 PM
I should add the most the led's and halo rings are independently wired and not on the same ~circuit on the low/high beams. You can wire those as driving lights, to only come on with only lows, or only highs, or both. Point being, they do not receive power by just the main low/high beam harness being plugged in.

Edit: Saw you saw you could power them independently

Mike Anthony
10-27-2012, 03:10 PM
Holy Smokes guys thanks for such quick responses!!
Ricekikr, you've given me some great info... Thanks a ton!
I'm gonna tackle this right away! Nothing like a Saturday project...
The existing wiring is such a mess i have to post photos... I hope you all get a laugh out of it.
If i can't figure it out, I will definitely just hack away the LEDs & Halos... Just seems like a bit of a waste if I have to resort to that

Ziggydub & A1 A2 German, I really appreciate your input

A1 A2 German- Love you're quote about 12s buckets... Beautiful

Thanks again guys!


10-29-2012, 04:04 PM
i have the same lights i have silverstar bulbs h1 and the light output is terrible are yours the same way? when i got myn i had to re-wire when i pluged them in the high beam was the low beam never hooked up the halos or leds i made a eyebrow with nite shades to cover the top

Mike Anthony
10-29-2012, 06:28 PM
The light output is bearable on mine... I didn't have that problem with my High-beams being my lows and vise-versa... I purchased the vehicle with these crappy aftermarket lights wired in and have struggled with them since day 1.

For the record... couldn't figure out the problems with the halos or LEDs so I just snipped them out of the loop. they may not work but at least I'm not frustrated anymore... May just bite the bullet and spring for some HIDs

I always try to avoid the Nighthawks or Silverstar Ultras (used to work in Auto Service at Canadian Tire and saw nothing but returns of both brands) The general trade off with the upgraded halogens is that they may be a bit brighter, but they will NEVER last as long as the $11.99 standard factory replacements... My advice to you is if you are worried about illumination, you're better off changing to a 4500K or 6000k HID kit... yeah the bulbs are more expensive and you have to worry about the Ballasts but you will have a much brighter light that does last longer than any upgraded halogen... plus they look way cooler

If you are going to upgrade to an HID set up NEVER and I mean NEVER buy your bulbs in stores... Standard D2S will run you $149.99 per bulb at CT... Of course eBay has pairs for $50-$100 per pair.

Just my two cents