View Full Version : Finally Got Arms Replaced & More

05-17-2005, 06:17 PM
I picked up a set of front and rear lower control arms afew months ago, but finally got a scheduled appointment yesterday to have them replaced. I got a call from them today and they informed me that my axle was cracked and that the squeaking could have been coming from them and not the control arms.

Anyway, my car has also been stalling after any form of hard braking and I wanted them to check that out as well. I thought that it was a leaking vac line, but it turns out there were no codes indicating any form of leak. They also said that there were no codes in the computer. They ended up cleaning my maf and air filter. It was running fine on the ride homee until I got to a stop light and the rpm's started dropping so I gave it some gas and it idled fine after that.

Anyone have any idea what could possibly be the reason for the stalling? It only happens under breaking when the rpm's are dropping.


05-17-2005, 06:30 PM
What year is your car? drive by cable? Maybe the the throttle drive mechanism is dying...... Try cleaning the the throttle plates, won't fix it if the TB is dying but it won't hurt. Or just try a good old fashioned throttle adaptation. A vacuum leak general won't set a code if it is small, unless it goes out of adaptation range. If you could see the LT fuel trim to see if the ECU is compensating for a leak....