View Full Version : track rods clucking and blocking

06-08-2012, 08:15 AM
i recently changed my steering rack as it was leaking fluid, since changing it. i know have a knocking sound coming from the track rod. it happens when i apply full lock, say when parking i turn the steering wheel full lock left when i try to bring the steering back to centre it goes really stiff and and i mean really stiff, that i have trouble bring it back and then CLOCK and it frees up and i can turn it back to centre. i had he alignment checked by a garage and he says its fine. I had a look to see if anything was out of place but couldnt see any thing, the only thing i could see was that when i apply full lock the track rod end seems to be at about a 35degree and compared to the steering rack, which made me think that maybe the rack was to short but when i changed the rack i measured it up and they where the same length. and even if i wanted to legngthen the rack it would change the toe in so i dont really know. Any on experianced this problem before as im stumped as to what it is.

THanks Gavin