View Full Version : PSA: Bosch Motorsports 5 Bar FPR superseding part number

05-15-2012, 02:45 PM
This is a public service announcement. Mostly because I found things like this helpful in my quest for the Bosch Motorsports 5 bar FPR (pictured below).


I just called Mech-Tronic and gave them the part number B 280 550 113-03 and they said that it has been superseded by part number 0 280 b 02722-02. I guess the new FPRs are E85 compatible and that is what caused for the change in design.

After reading a lot, some seem to think that the crushed ones flow differently (as seen here):

I don't really care to get in the argument, I will just by the real deal (yes, my tune calls for it). As a resource, I wanted to post the info here in case anyone else searched for this same information in the future.

323 Cooldige Drive
Centerport, NY 11721
Phone: 631-423-0523