View Full Version : Wanted: Misc parts for b6 a4...

04-15-2012, 07:26 PM
Hello all, thanks for checkin' out my wish list.

I am looking to find some things used before I decide to buy new. So if you got any info on the following items, you may be able to save me some money and make some yourself (buy selling, I'm not paying for info [:p]).

I'll list in order of what I need the most first:
-Lowering springs that will pair with Bilstein sports. If you have just rears, that's even better. Preferably H&R.
-Defi Advanced Controller Unit
-Any components of a brake upgrade, front and back. I haven't decided which route I wanna take yet, it's gonna be decided mostly on what kine deals I can get...
-Headliner (grey, but will consider other colors as well)

Any part outs would be appreciated for the heads up. I'm monitoring the classifieds thoroughly.

Thanks for your time and consideration!