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audi silver
03-26-2012, 03:03 PM
Soo my parts car is coming along with all the drivetrain parts and panels on. Got the motor running and CEL gone. Started on the interior and ran in to a couple issues. I cleared the codes a couple times and they came back twice after clearing them so I need some help. All the parts I'm using are from my 98 2.8 going in to this partial face-lift 99.5
What I got:

01218- Passenger Side Airbag Igniter: Passenger side (N200)
32-10 - Resistance too high- Intermittent

01217- Driver Side Airbag Igniter: Passenger side (N199)
32-10 - Resistance too high- Intermittent

-I assume since I dont have the seats in this is the error. I have a question regarding putting in the seats. I'm using the leather seats from my 98 since this car didnt come with them. The issue is the connectors.

98 Seat Connector for airbags:
-Round two pin connector
--One yellow/blue wire
--One yellow/brown wire

99 Seat Connector from interior harness
-Rectangle 3 pin connector
--One yellow/blue wire
--One yellow/brown wire
****-EXTRA Brown wire(Is this a ground or another wire for side airbags???)
I searched a couple different threads regarding the airbags. Am I supposed to get a 4.7 Ohm resistor and just put both sides of this resistor into the extra pin?? What do I do???

01222- Crash Sensor Side Airbag: Passenger Side (G180)
65-10 - Unauthorized - Intermittent
I was getting an intermittent code but I unplugged and cleaned the connector and plugged it back in. That code went away but I still got this unauthorized code. I have never seen this before. Help?????

03-26-2012, 03:07 PM
i have seat airbags sell for cheap if u end up needing em

03-26-2012, 05:02 PM
Swear I read somewhere that some airbags are coded? Perhaps the reason for the "unauthorized" code.

03-26-2012, 06:55 PM
Look under the special notes of this link and see if you think your module is coded correctly: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/01222 . I wonder if the side airbag sensor is mounted to the seat, or beneath the seat... I would try to check the side airbag sensor wiring. If all else fails, you could try disconnecting the side airbag sensor and side airbag and coding the airbag module to have front airbags only, Ive never heard of anyone trying that before but it would be worth a shot. That is a strange code.. If you find that the side airbag sensor is connected to the seat, you should try to get your old ones back and attach them to the new seat.

Found this in the bentley manual:


Sounds like you need to get a matching crash sensor..