View Full Version : 99.5 B5 A4 2.8L Oil Level Sensor Bad?

03-12-2012, 06:21 AM
Hey guys,

My girls 2.8l 30v A4 has an intermittent issue where if we drive over pretty large bumps or dips (normally happens every time I go down my buddies dirt driveway) the oil light comes on.
Sometimes it beeps and the light blinks or sometimes it just stays on solid. Oil level is fine, I check it everytime this happens and periodically as the car has 195k miles so it does burn
a little bit of oil (but not much over a few months surprisingly) The light is gone after I shut off/ restart the car on our way home and it typically never comes back on unless we go down that driveway. The car runs solid, I changed all the PCV lines and suction pump as well as the VCG's and Cam tensioner gasket/half moons a while back. Again, this only happens over really bumpy roads or once in a blue moon while driving longer distances. Is this a matter of replacing the oil level sensor at the bottom of the oil pan?
Has anyone had a similar problem to mine? I also heard the Meyle sensor will not work properly and you need to have the OEM audi/vw unit as a replacement. Can anyone shed some light? [up]

03-12-2012, 01:54 PM
Input as to if the sensor purchased matters if it's OEM or Meyle??
Vendors chime in?