View Full Version : Audi A4 Cluster problem and window motor?

02-13-2012, 06:56 PM
Hi im new to the site, I drive an Audi a4 quattro. its got 98 a6 v6 swapped into it. has exhaust rest of it is stock. I bought it for a cheap price and its a little beat up. 2 main problems I got are:
The gas guage on the cluster. it will work, then it wont work, it works, then stops working. idk if this is a common problem in these cars so hence why im wondering if anyone knows what the problem can be? also the temperature in the middle is way off... idk why thats messed up either, will putting in a new cluster fix any one this? please help!!

Second problem I got is my passenger window. Its stuck up. I bought the car that way. It came with another window motor, dude said it was a working one, but when I switched the motors it still didnt work? idk what else to really look into.

Sorry this is my first Audi/German car, so I dont know much. If anyone knows anything about these please leme know!! thanks