View Full Version : Wiper linkage hits firewall after slow wiper fix

10-22-2011, 05:44 PM
So i did the slow wiper fix and after I reinstalled the assembly back in I go to turn the wipers on to make sure everything is good. The wiper linkage seems to hit the firewall under the windshield and gets stuck there as it is stuck against the firewall. All bolts that hold the assembly to the car are tightened down. I've tried reinstalling it multiple times and no luck.

Anyone run into this problem? Any solutions? Pictures below.


10-23-2011, 09:40 AM
I would make sure everything is sitting in there properly and you have all of the linkages attached correctly. I had the same problem on mine and when I put it all back together I had no issues but it is tight in there so maybe it is not sitting properly. Is it possible that one/some of the arms were bent when you took it out or could something have been put together wrong? Did you make sure the pivots were bolted down properly? Sounds like you have to go over what you did and make sure it is sitting in there correctly.