View Full Version : Fixed my 96 A4 door locks

10-18-2011, 07:03 AM
One of the things that didn't work when I bought my car was the door locks. There's a lot of stuff on the internet about the B5 central locking system and so I approached the problem thinking my pump was bad. So I pulled the trunk liner aside and dug the central locking pump out of the hole under the gas cap/right rear tail light and carefully popped the lid off with a screwdriver. Proud because I didn't stab myself, I pulled the circuit board and took the top off of the pump, but the graphite disks were intact. A closer look at the circuit board showed water damage - to the point that half a dozen of the traces on it were eaten through by the corrosion. Ebay is my friend though, and a new pump was on it's way. I stuck it in, put the trunk back together and looked forward to having an operational door lock button, only it wasn't. WTF!?? Grrrr... Still no automatic locks.

Totally by accident, I was messing around with the trunk and noticed that if I turned the trunk lock to the right, it activated the pump and locked the doors. Cool! Now I don't have to chase vacuum lines - it's probably just a bad switch, I thought. Conditions at this time were that with the key in the trunk, I could lock and unlock all the doors but with the key in the door or by using the lock/unlock button, nothing happened. Then I had an idea. Even though I don't have a key fob (didn't get one when I bought the car) and even though a lot of the cool central locking features weren't available in the 96 model, I tried 'resetting the locks'. Stuck the key in the ignition and turned the car on but didn't start it. Then I rolled down the drivers window (to keep Murphy's Law at bay) and put the spare key in the driver's door lock. Turned it and held it in the lock position for a count of ten and then turned and held it in the unlock position for a count of ten and it restored the operation of my automatic locks both with the key and the lock/unlock button. Nice...

I know this is a small thing, but it's REALLY inconvenient not having automatic locks. My hope is that by posting my experience, some day somebody who's combing the net for information like I was will find this and it'll get their locks working again too.

Peace, out.