View Full Version : Prior owner's hack job radio

10-15-2011, 06:00 PM
I have finally gotten into digging into the headunit the prior owner installed, he placed RTV black arround the head headunit. Aswell as when wiring the headunit in it looks like he cut and reinstalled it a 2nd time and only bothered with twisting the ends and using soem electrical tape. He also did not bother wiring in the rear speakers which is now giving me issues with putting in my own. Which colored wires are for the rear deck. I am also going to be replace the stock rear speakers with new 6.5" set and im wondering if there is any tips for doing these.

Ive been delayed the past 3 times ive tried to work on the rears due to terrible weather this week and a massive water leak which will require me to pull up the carpetting on the drivers side to wet vac it all out. Im am contemplating running new wires for the rear speakers from the head unit vs trying to get the factory wiring to work properly.