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10-12-2011, 02:20 PM
Hey guys hows it going so looking to give my avant a little more pep, working out a deal with one guy for Unitronic BT tune with 440 injectors ,3 bar fpr, vr6 MAF and a deal with another guy for a low mileage gt28rs eliminator with 034 TIP just looking for some info on the UNI 440 file seeing if i should pull the trigger as it is a pretty awesome deal I'm not looking for max power as im running stock internals just want to run 18 lbs. and have it reliable and quick not trying to max it out. I have heard good and bad about this tune just want some info from people who are running this on a ATW 2000 a4 or even on other engine codes, I have an axle back apr exhaust,stage 4 clutch going to be installed, h&r bilstien combo suspension, upgraded mounts and a godspeed front mount ready to go in. also have the bigger rotors to do the cheap BBK upgrade so really just want some info on this tune before i pull the trigger.. thanks guys and heres a pic of my avant


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10-12-2011, 04:53 PM
My car is running close to what you have and no problems so far, what did you want to know? The car is a 2000 ATW 1.8T with a 5 speed sedan and it is currently running at 12psi and has been as high as 18psi. I had many intake boost leaks and this was causing a lot of spikes and drop offs so I turned the boost down until everything was sealed up. The PCV system on mine was rotted so I would advise you to check this closely as well while you are doing the upgrade.

Turbo GT28RS
Baily DV
TiAL 38mm wastegate
CTS Turbo manifold
3" stainless downpipe
Oil feed line kit
Oil drain line kit
hardware/nuts/studs/gaskets/flanges/misc hardware
Siemens injectors
Unitronic 440cc Custom software & MAF package
Kinetic FMIC kit
Walbro 255LPH Inline Fuel Pump
South Bend Clutch Kit SBC Stage 3 + flywheel
APR SS Cat-back exhaust

On top of this I have 034 street density engine and transmission mounts as well as a poly snub mount and diff carrier bushings as well as the upgraded poly diff mount. My car is needing control arms so this is the next upgrade as well as A8 brakes which I have and stainless steel flex hoses which I still need. I have never driven another A4 with a similar tune so I can't really compare it to another set-up. It starts right up and idles well, lots of power, goes well, and sucks gas. With 12psi it may see 360 kms before the low fuel light comes on and at 18psi it will barely make 300kms before the low fuel light.

PS, two hours isn't really a lot of time to wait for a reply.

10-12-2011, 05:22 PM
thanks man just wanted somebody with personal experience to give a opinion on it