View Full Version : 1st Annual Vag Invitational. Deadline for entry is Oct 29th.

10-12-2011, 01:15 PM

The 1st annual Vag invitational. Open to all European cars. Winner gets a GoPro Motorsport 1080p kit and the coveted peoples champ trophy. Wondering how to enter? Send 1 high quality photo of your car to eurotrashinvitational@gmail.com. This will be a playoff system. After each round winners will be be able to send in 1 more picture for the next round. Mod lists will be added after the 2nd round. We will pick what cars get in, people will vote who moves on. Every match up will be posted on FB with a poll. Cars will be drawn at random to start the brackets. We will email all contestants what date their car will be up. We will have prizes from other vendors as well. No key rings i promise. Last 2 will have a one week voting period and winner will be announced on super bowl sunday. Good luck, send in those entries and pass this around!!! Deadline for entry is Oct 29th. Contest starts first week of Nov. Some vendors we have on board already that are giving prizes are Detailers domain, grossman tuning, pvw magazine, wunderwagens, motorsport-tech, dubrun. more to be added soon