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10-09-2011, 03:55 PM
I am going through my car and fixing all of those little problems and the last issue I have found is leaking injectors. I have a 2000 ATW 1.8T with a GT28RS turbo and Siemens 'Green Giant' 440cc injectors which were on the car when I bought it. This is a tuner car and it seems like nothing was done to really upgrade the car to take lots of power so I have been fixing these items. So, I wanted to replace the damaged parts in the PCV system which was mission one. This only took a few hours and made a huge difference in idle, power delivery, maintaining power under full boost, and I can actually get the car rolling on hill without winding it out like an amateur. I replaced a number of other associated parts and finally the motor is running great.


Mission two was to replace the injectors so as I was working on the PCV system I was checking out the injectors to see how much they had leaked. I cleaned the area around the injectors once and it was stained by a few weeks so I know it is leaking but it is not too bad. As I was working I noticed the injector rail was shimmed by M8 nuts so I thought what the hell are these doing there, no wonder it is leaking fuel. After some research I find that the replacement injectors are taller than stock so you have to shim up the injector rail to get them to fit.


That's not too bad and I also noticed the return line on the rail is cracked right at the clamp so I was going to replace this as well. I did have a few questions though hopefully someone can help me out with...

1) Does anyone know the actual height of the spacer? Currently there is a M8 nut in there which could be the correct height but I was hoping someone had an actual measurement so I knew this was sitting correctly. I see ECS has a kit which supplies the spacers for a really good price but I have a lathe just no measurement.

2) What injector seals to use on the top of the injectors? The ATW engine is the bastard-child 1.8T for sure and it uses different seals for the top of the injectors than most/all other 1.8T motors so I was hoping someone could post what they used. I bought 8 of the bottoms and 4 of the tops to be safe but the injector seals look the same but the upper seals are a little smaller.

Thanks for any help with those two questions and here's another pic for the click...


10-09-2011, 06:52 PM
For the o-rings, I just picked a set up from Napa. Fit and sealed fine, no leaks. You're right about it being a bastard child, really wish I had an AEB :D

Might wanna check ETKA for it for sure, but I just used what I picked up from napa. Worked fine...

10-10-2011, 09:09 AM
There really isn't any exact height for the fuel rail spacers and that is because the is a good amount of room for the O-ring to sit inside the bung on the rail. If you want to make the spacers yourself just pull one of those nuts out and cut something to that size. The old spacers I used to run on my stock fuel rail were ones I cut myself just using nylon spacers I got from the hardware store.