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Avant Nate
10-09-2011, 01:02 PM
My wife is driving yesterday and car stalls out, she of course mildly panics because power steering is gone, and what not. I tell her to take key completely out, then restart. Se gets close to home, stalls again, but is able to restart it and make it home. I check the car, looking for vac leaks, etc. I vag-com it and come up with with cat effiency(periodically appears) and a new one p1602:

18010/P1602/005634 - Power Supply B+ Terminal 30: Voltage too Low
Possible Causes

* Cables on the Battery were removed
* Battery weak (voltage)
* Generator Disfunction

Possible Solutions

* Check Battery Cables
* Check/Replace Battery
* Check/Replace Generator

Special Notes

* If multiple Control Module have Power Supply Faults stored, it's most likely to be one common Problem like the ones shown above. Otherwise when only one or two Control Modules have such Codes stored you better start searching at the individual Power Supply of these Modules.

* Terminal 30 means unswitched battery power that is supplied even when the ignition is off. This is not referring to any physical terminal numbered 30.

So I check cables, everything looks fine. Then this morning, take it for a test drive hooked up to vag com, make it about a mile before before it shuts down. The RPMs drop, and a the oil graphic comes up(facelift). Without touching the key, VAG-COM loses contact with the ECU. Attempts to connect do not work. Take key out, put it back in connection restablished. Car start fine, drive a couple of miles wihtout reoccurence.

So my question is, Is the ECU failing or is it just losing power? For it to register the code there has to be split second where power fail but still able to register. I had a very similar thing happening with my PC_16 ECU, I put back in my old APR ECU and worked fine. SO I assumed the my GIAC ecu was bad. Its been 4-6 months with no problems.