View Full Version : B6 A4: S4 Mirror Cover Install

Itchy Foot
04-11-2005, 04:44 PM
B6 S4 Mirror Cover Install.

NOTE BEFORE INSTALL: Thanx to 400HPA4 "One thing that sucks sometimes with the mirror caps is that VW/Audi likes to change the position of the connection tabs from year to year (I think it has to do with the provider of mirrors) Sometimes the tabs do not line up perfectly and you have to shave them off of the housing."

I was able to compare the 1.8T USP and 3.0 USP (thanx to Oettinger). The 3.0 is actually an S4 mirror without the brush aluminum covers. So there might be slight difference during install...If oppertunity comes I will update this with a 3.0 install as well.

The model used in this DIY is 2005.

Step 1:
Turn your mirrors toward the ground so you can have more room to pop the mirror out.

Step 2:
When popping the mirror out try not to focus pulling it at one corner. Try to pull it along the top. Don¡¦t be too afraid to use a bit of force to pull it out.

Step 3:
Once removed, unplug the wires. Place your mirrors some place safe so they don¡¦t get scratched.


Step 4:
NOTE: There are 2 screws underneath the mirror housing, but it is not necessary to remove them for the install but I find it easier to remove the cover since it made everything more flexible. *Removing the 2 screws mean that the bottom black part will come off as you remove the top part so becareful*

The cover is removed by pulling up. Try to avoid any twisting motion you might break some of the clips! You can start from the edge of the housing. Press down on the inside of the case (Black part) with your thumb while pulling up with your other fingers on the mirror cover like the picture below.

I started from the edge (above) and moved my way to the mounting of the mirror unit like below and back out to the edge because I find that clip hardest to remove.



There are a few things to keep in mind when re-installing so keep reading.


Step 5:
If you removed the screws earlier it is a good time to put them back on now.

Step 6:
Place your replacement cover in by pushing down and making sure all the parts pop into place.

Step 7:
Place your mirror back in but make sure this metal piece on the mirror goes into the 2 metal clips in the picture.


Step 8:
Press on the center and the edges of the mirror to make sure it is in place properly and you are done!


I Hope you found this DIY install useful. Enjoy!