View Full Version : ATF Fluid & Carbon Cleaning? C6

06-24-2011, 07:23 PM
Hello, Ive got a A6 3.2 C6.. I hit my 75k maintenance a while ago (5k ago) and It said to check and fill the ATF and FD fluids if necessary. The problem is I have never done it and can't figure out what to do!

I notice a pretty rough transition between 1st to 2nd. After reading another thread the guy said it slowly disappeared after changing the ATF.

What fluids do I need for the final drive and ATF? I have an audi dealer somewhat far from me but I'll drive their if I have to. Price ballparking would be nice too!!

I'd also like to clean some carbon out. My tailpipes are black as black gets from this. I stomp on the gas a lot, and run it in sport mode to wind the gears out and burn it off. Use Shell V power as much as I can. I'm just looking for long term maintenance.