View Full Version : Euro Spec Taillights for C6 A6 - Please help with coding issue

05-21-2011, 01:20 PM
Need help coding EURO SPEC C6 A6 Taillights on my 2006 A6
This is where I am at the present time.

Completed install of lights
Central Convenience Module 46
OEM Code is 4619453
Subtracted - 4096 SAE REAR LIGHTS
Changed coding = 4615357
Everything is working (including amber signals, left rear fog, brake, parking lights, etc) besides drivers side reverse light?? No error codes etc.

I changed the code back to stock w/ SAE (US SPEC) and the reverse lights do work on both sides, but functionality of lights (turn, brake, etc) is not correct. So I know it is not the bulb.
Any thoughts???

I am thinking it is in another module? Or adaptation channels?
Any help is much appreciated.

The other options in module 46 are as follows;

+0000004 Thatcham inactive
+0000008 Selective Central Locking
+0000016 Anti Theft Warning System
+0000032 Inclination Sensor Installed ( I have air bag suspension)
+0000064 Interior Monitoring
+0000128 Comfort Function via Remote ( I have active comfort functionality)
+0000256 Right Hand Steering
+0000512 Avant
+0001024 Electrical Rear Shades Installed ( my car has rear shade)
+0002048 Comfirmation Anti-Theft System via Horn
+0004096 SAE Rear Lights
+0008192 Light Package
+0016384 SAFE Function deactivated
+0065536 No Anti Theft Delay
+0131072 Highline (LED rear lights)
+0262144 Sunroof (my car has sunroof)
+1048576 Luggage Compartment Closing Assistance (not on car)
+2097152 Rear Lid Control Module

06-05-2011, 09:33 AM
Did you upgrade from the 2006 lights to the 2009+ lights? If so I think there is some documentation online about the coding.
I'll check and post here.

06-08-2011, 04:04 AM
I upgraded to Eurospec >2008 C6 OEM Audi Taillights w/ amber blinker

Confirmed with Audi Tech that European cars only utilize one reverse light and coding is correct

06-20-2011, 06:29 AM
Have you contacted David on this forum or go to his website: www.AudiEnthusiasts.com
I know it's mostly the B8 but he might have some suggestions.
He re-coded my A4 and I physically removed the red lens in the housing, bought an amber bulb, etc and now my A4 are 100% Euro and look amazing!
I am very interested in your thread because I want to upgrade from my A4 to a 2009+ A6 and wonder how those lights behave?!