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05-20-2011, 12:04 PM
Returning my 2003 Passat Wagon to stock. I am giving this car to my girlfriend and to aleviate my headaches as well as hers I want to get it back to as close to stock as possible. As well as needing to pull the head on my GTI and get some work done to get it back on the road. So I have some parts to swap plus cash or sell outright where I can. Best way to reach me is by email blackohio (at) gmail (dot) (com)





$1500 outright or cash plus wheel/tire trade. I'm mostly interested in stock audi/vw 16" or 17" wheels with tires.
19x8.5 Rotiform BLQ, painted custom Brembo gold with Falken FK-452 215/35/19
- have been on the car exactly one week as of today (Friday)
- small nick in rear passenger lip from pothole on highway.

$500 Outright or $400 plus stock suspension. Stock or cupkit style is preferred. Minimal drop or none.
Patec height adjustable coilovers.
- Goes stupid low for coils.
- Have over a year, possibly two of driving on them, but no issues or leaks.

$400 plus trade for stock exhaust.
Custom made MagnaFlow 2.5" cat-back. Twin muffler to hidden turndown tip.
- This isnt some janky shop weld, made at MagnaFlow's Southern California R&D center, I worked there for 10 years and ran their stuff on all my cars.
- Stainless steel kit, but there is some surface rust (nothing some scotch pads wont cure.)
- Sound is similar to stock, with a tiny bit more growl. Start-up is a bit more aggressive, but returns to near normal promptly.

You can take it all for $2K outright with stock parts. Im in absolutely no rush.

03-25-2012, 10:53 PM
Are you still unloading those coils?