View Full Version : Does S6 Mirrors will fit to my S3?

03-24-2011, 04:19 PM
Hi guys,
I'm curious if it possible to replace whole mirrors from S6/A6 (2005-2008) to my S3 (the same years).
I know the triangles are different and they will not fit to my S3 door frame so I want to replace everything from the inside mirror (whole motor control, cables...etc) and somehow place it on the triangles my S3, and lock all using a big spiral sping that holds the "arm" with motor control.
The question is does they will fit?
Just gimme a advice what sould I to do.

Thx for help.

ps. Im asking because someone steal my alu covers with glasses last night and I decided to upgrade my mirrors to full option like dimming, folding...etc and I can buy the used S6 mirrors for very nice price so that's why Im asking for.